The true meaning of life.


This summer before i came back to college, i have had an amazing time understanding the real meaning to life. I went camping and experienced the outdoors and the beauty of nature that surrounds us daily :) . I have watched my niece grow more and more each day. I have plans to travel around the whole world. I know that this will educate me even more in more ways than one. College has inspired me to step outside the box of what i normally like to do. I went to Springville N.Y which was a village! I went to Pennsylvania to a beautiful camp site. We were in the middle of the woods, so it was very peaceful and green! :)

Where i hope to go next is Niagara Falls, My dad had the pleasure of seeing that this summer actually, i envy him! :)

And Hear is my beautiful growing niece that makes my week light up and my younger sister. I love my family, My niece encourages me to keep educating myself so that i can educate her, and my sister looks up to me as well, she has big dreams of owning her own restaurant one day, i hope my persistence inspires her. :)

How have i been managing my work, school and home life?


I will start off by saying, that it has only been a few weeks but it has not been easy. However it is possible, so many changes have happened for my family and myself, we just moved so that’s always more crazy than expected. I’m sure some of you who are reading this can relate to the adjustments that have to be made during a move esp. with a big family. As i have got back into the school flow of everything, that has been good thus far. I have found that finding SLEEP and Relaxation are KEY and ESSENTIAL if you want to balance out your home life, work and school.

I know some students say that that is impossible and they can’t find time for sleep or to relax. I myself think that anything is possible if you make it a reality for yourself. My suggestion for my fellow students is to find a job that is flexible and will work with YOUR SCHOOL schedule, so that way you have TIME to study, and rest. I was blessed this semester to find a flexible job that wants to work with me. Honestly, just finding the right people to be around as well helps with the amount of rest you can get. I suggest looking for others who will not bring you down and who will encourage you to sleep and have time for yourself and not drain you of your energy that you will clearly need for school, work and home life. It’s a constant process of working that reality into your life. But i just think anything is possible. Furthermore, i have written a small poem i would like to share.  :)


“So many changes causes me to shape into a different individual i didn’t think i would make, this semester has been full of surprises, unseen symbols of success, with my family striving to be constantly blessed. Life has so many faces, so much to taste, Living life to the fullest is what’s eternally great” -Christa Cobb

Hello world!

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