Time Well Spent

“Connections to existence, relationships intense, building friendships and times well spent” The days I spend during the semester getting to know people is so amazing, I love building lifelong friendships and just having people teach me things, I love having Friends in the clubs I am in that give me academic  encouragement. I just went [...]

Everyone has a favorite subject!

I thought that I would talk about this because at this point in time during the semester there is a lot of projects due and a lot of papers and test. YIKES! , But its okay! I’ve chosen to get through this entire hectic atmosphere by being excited about the class or classes that I [...]

Never to old to dress up like someone else for a day!

  Halloween just passed and i must say, being an adult in college, i still love dressing up! It’s so exciting getting to be another character for one day. And hey, there is perks to dressing up on campus! The Multicultural club had a Halloween party and donated to sex trafficking victims. For anyone who stopped [...]

So many papers and not enough time it seems.

  So i have about 3 papers due and an oral presentation coming all up at the same time next month! :0 and i know that it’s going to come up fast cause i started working now, so I’m just trying to be organized, i got myself some more folders to organize papers and I’ve been working [...]

Knowing when you have to get back to work.

I didn’t exactly realize how many friends i had on campus until i started to sit down and study some important material last week. It’s a funny story actually, I’m reading over some chapters for psychology and a group of guys that i know come over literally in a group , and start saying “hey christa? [...]


Any woman who is reading this, Take a moment please to listen to this song than read on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qcZHgRIRhPY So i have recently been taking a women’s studies class but before i took women’s studies class i had begun to research women’s history and their significance. I came across some very interesting information. I found [...]

My Favorite class!

“The moment I think I have begun to dig deeper.  The moment I think I have begun to think and know more than I ever could know.  There is always something more to know to life’s show.  Somewhere new to go, life has so many turns, filled with essence, I feel caressed and tested every [...]

The true meaning of life.

  This summer before i came back to college, i have had an amazing time understanding the real meaning to life. I went camping and experienced the outdoors and the beauty of nature that surrounds us daily . I have watched my niece grow more and more each day. I have plans to travel around [...]

Hello world!

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