Passion Of The Air

  With the holiday’s approaching, i cant help but think of my mom, so i wrote another poem for her “The coldness of the air speaks memories and familiarity, traditions and times spent, My sisters are heaven sent, my father is gaining what love intended, so much i wish to say to my mom who’s [...]


Poem “Mondays, Mondays.. so hard to realize that it’s not a fun day, i wake up trying to get myself back in the zone, lock back into my work load, than i get my class that i really love the most, stimulating discussions wake me up as i eat my toast, than i notice why [...]

Visions of success I got some inspiration to write another song/poetry/rap. I hope you enjoy and i have listed the lyrics so anyone can follow along. “Visions of success, I’m thinking of the best and many have come along to put me to the test, but I’m going to take a rest and regulate my steeps, showing [...]

How have i been managing my work, school and home life?

  I will start off by saying, that it has only been a few weeks but it has not been easy. However it is possible, so many changes have happened for my family and myself, we just moved so that’s always more crazy than expected. I’m sure some of you who are reading this can [...]