About Me

Hi, my name is Christa. I have been going to C.C.B.C Essex for about a year now. I am a returning student, I took of one semester to be able to work and provide income for basic needs. I love this college and I enjoy the experience thus far, We’ll let me be honest and tell you about myself, when I was in elementary all the way until high school, I never really liked school, sure I loved getting involved, I use to do the talent shows and the clubs, I was even involved very heavy with theatre in High School, loved it. But as far as my classes, I hated it. However, ever since I stepped foot onto this campus, I loved every piece of it. I enjoy everything from the classes, the activities, the students, and the teachers. I have grown an attachment to this college so much that even though I have recently moved, I still do so much to make a way out hear. I am 22. I am involved as a Student Ambassador, which is a great responsibility that I haven’t regretted so far to take on. It helps me stay focused and stay around a community of positive upbeat students that all want the same thing, Success. This college has given me opportunity for success in many different ways, financial, professional, and socially.

Now, I am a blogger and I get to share my experiences with my fellow students. I hope you enjoy… :)