So many papers and not enough time it seems.

  So i have about 3 papers due and an oral presentation coming all up at the same time next month! :0 and i know that it’s going to come up fast cause i started working now, so I’m just trying to be organized, i got myself some more folders to organize papers and I’ve been working [...]

Visions of success I got some inspiration to write another song/poetry/rap. I hope you enjoy and i have listed the lyrics so anyone can follow along. “Visions of success, I’m thinking of the best and many have come along to put me to the test, but I’m going to take a rest and regulate my steeps, showing [...]

Knowing when you have to get back to work.

I didn’t exactly realize how many friends i had on campus until i started to sit down and study some important material last week. It’s a funny story actually, I’m reading over some chapters for psychology and a group of guys that i know come over literally in a group , and start saying “hey christa? [...]