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So i have recently been taking a women’s studies class but before i took women’s studies class i had begun to research women’s history and their significance. I came across some very interesting information. I found that in Ancient African Civilizations, the WOMEN RULED THE WORLD practically, they ruled the society. In the ancient world there was always a deep rooted respect for the woman and the earliest ideas about a SUPREAME BEING actually was RESPESENTED as a WOMAN :) . The culture had Respect for a women’s BODY, Respect for her MIND, and most of all Respect for her PERSPECTIVE. In the article African women in African civilizations it states that “In traditional Africa, women had recognized and vital roles in the economic development of their communities Among the Kikuyu of Kenya, women were the major food producers and thus not only had ready access to land but also had AUTHROITY of how the land was to be used and cultivated”  “Therefore, the value of women’s productive labor in producing and processing food established and maintained their rights in the domestic and other spheres. Nowadays, although women still are major food producers either directly or through employment, they do not receive the recognition and respect that they used to. Colonialism profoundly negatively affected the role and status of women in African society” I have found this article so interesting, i have attached a link to the online article if you want to know further what women did in ancient cultures, you will be surprised to know that they not only had authority in food and land, they had authority in POLITICS, and RELIGION. Interestingly enough, these very aspects of our world shape our reality and perception. The land, the religion, the politics, who rules and controls information shapes humans perspective.


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  1. Toni Says:

    This is such a deep topic! When we went to Guatemala for Alternative Break this summer, it was so interesting to learn how Mayan culture reveres women (the lunar calendar is actually based on female properties) but based on the culture that has developed since the colonization of the Spanish, it has become so much more male dominated. Great insights!

  2. Christa Cobb Says:

    It is a deep topic becuase women have a complex to the history cuase society tries to force us into so many things.

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