My Favorite class!

The moment I think I have begun to dig deeper.

 The moment I think I have begun to think and know more than I ever could know.

 There is always something more to know to life’s show.

 Somewhere new to go, life has so many turns, filled with essence, I feel caressed and tested every day I embark on a new lesson”

Sociology 114, racial and cultural minorities has been the best class thus far. The class really stimulates my mind and gets my thoughts rolling. It give me a break from my other more intense classes, well in my opinion anyway, this is an intense class, but it’s my kind of intense I can handle all the time because it’s simply about real life events and situations.  This class has opened up my eyes more to what race really means. It has helped me to look deeper than the surface of what our society has created. It has made me question reality. I love questions and i love theories, makes me interested in a philosophy course next semester, maybe ;) Well for one, the class is entertaining just because of the professor i have. She always has something quirky to say, ranging from her adventurous stories about being a white women experiencing the hood of baltimore, or her bringing  in colored markers to class for “show and tell”, to say the least, I’m always entertained so far. If anybody else is thinking of taking a sociology class in the future, I suggest Amy Pucino!

Also I love music and i have been in a old school mood lately , so just becuase, i am going to leave you with a song! ;)

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