Any woman who is reading this, Take a moment please to listen to this song than read on So i have recently been taking a women’s studies class but before i took women’s studies class i had begun to research women’s history and their significance. I came across some very interesting information. I found [...]

My Favorite class!

“The moment I think I have begun to dig deeper.  The moment I think I have begun to think and know more than I ever could know.  There is always something more to know to life’s show.  Somewhere new to go, life has so many turns, filled with essence, I feel caressed and tested every [...]

The true meaning of life.

  This summer before i came back to college, i have had an amazing time understanding the real meaning to life. I went camping and experienced the outdoors and the beauty of nature that surrounds us daily . I have watched my niece grow more and more each day. I have plans to travel around [...]

How have i been managing my work, school and home life?

  I will start off by saying, that it has only been a few weeks but it has not been easy. However it is possible, so many changes have happened for my family and myself, we just moved so that’s always more crazy than expected. I’m sure some of you who are reading this can [...]