Time Well Spent

“Connections to existence, relationships intense, building friendships and times well spent”

The days I spend during the semester getting to know people is so amazing, I love building lifelong friendships and just having people teach me things, I love having Friends in the clubs I am in that give me academic  encouragement. I just went to an event on campus called “Hot Chocolate and ugly sweaters”. The atmosphere was very relaxed and laid back. There was delicious hot coco with endless toppings! There were coloring books and I even made myself a stress ball that sure helped me this week! I am not the best drawer but the coloring was sure therapeutic relief from all the testing.


Good luck on final exams! <3

Passion Of The Air


With the holiday’s approaching, i cant help but think of my mom, so i wrote another poem for her

“The coldness of the air speaks memories and familiarity, traditions and times spent, My sisters are heaven sent, my father is gaining what love intended, so much i wish to say to my mom who’s passed away, she left us with some things to remember, that being a family is more than just eating a thanksgiving dinner. Its awkward moments, those arguments, make up’s, affectionate touches. The leaves changing reminds me of her, the time that’s passing reminds me of reality. I can’t shake what her spirit put inside me” -Christa Cobb





“Mondays, Mondays.. so hard to realize that it’s not a fun day, i wake up trying to get myself back in the zone, lock back into my work load, than i get my class that i really love the most, stimulating discussions wake me up as i eat my toast, than i notice why i do this, why i don’t stop, why i feel like i go from 9-5. Everything keeps my mind right. The Monday mornings, I’m sleepy until i see some friends, my cycle of life is not at an end and i get to see a new day and play again. Monday’s are filled with adrenaline from not enough sleep, Tuesdays are like a repeat, Wednesday’s start to get more upbeat as i look forward to Friday’s treat. I’ve been scrambling on my feet. Need to sit down and rest my heart beat, not feeling defeated. Back at it all again

 And again

 Till i finish to the end. College is more than work, its experience

 And grasping every day is important so i cherish it”  -Christa Cobb

Everyone has a favorite subject!

I thought that I would talk about this because at this point in time during the semester there is a lot of projects due and a lot of papers and test. YIKES! :( , But its okay! I’ve chosen to get through this entire hectic atmosphere by being excited about the class or classes that I am really excited to do work for. I love researching topics about society and more “real life events”. There is some extra credit offered for me to do where I can research identity. AWESOME! Finding out about ANY extra credit opportunities has and still is a great way for me to navigate the school year. Extra credit in classes that are not so “exciting” or stimulating to you personally is indeed beneficial, so this is just something that has been on my mind and I thought I’d share and hope that it helps anyone else navigating the semester work load. :)

Never to old to dress up like someone else for a day!


Halloween just passed and i must say, being an adult in college, i still love dressing up! It’s so exciting getting to be another character for one day. And hey, there is perks to dressing up on campus! The Multicultural club had a Halloween party and donated to sex trafficking victims. For anyone who stopped by, it looked like fun and they had great music! :) I unfortunately couldn’t attend the party on campus but it looked like fun and food! Like i said you are never “too old” to be a big kid for a day :) . Plus they were even giving discounts on food at places like chipotle, $3 bowels, who would’ve known? People really have the holiday spirit, Now its thanksgiving time, eat up!

So many papers and not enough time it seems.


So i have about 3 papers due and an oral presentation coming all up at the same time next month! :0 and i know that it’s going to come up fast cause i started working now, so I’m just trying to be organized, i got myself some more folders to organize papers and I’ve been working on homework between classes and after class. I have also decided to just start cutting down my outside time i spend on weekends. Here is my motto for the rest of the semester.


1. Start my work early!

2. Attach my study with things i like to do, i love to read befor i go to bed, so ill read my readings  :)

3. I just started to put reminders in my phone and have it go off with a alarm, Hey, i even took a picture of my h.w with a note that said “DO THIS” lol. that visual helps me alot.


These are some things I’ve started to implement into my study style, i hope this can help anybody reading this, I’ve talked to many people since midterm, and a lot of people including myself has expressed anxiety about all the papers and exams being due at the same time and how it really makes us anxious as college students so this so far is helping me, so i hope this can help anyone else, and HEY CREATE your own outline for yourself!

PEACE! :) <3

Visions of success


I got some inspiration to write another song/poetry/rap. I hope you enjoy and i have listed the lyrics so anyone can follow along. :)

“Visions of success, I’m thinking of the best and many have come along to put me to the test, but I’m going to take a rest and regulate my steeps, showing me how much I’m really truly meant, to be a outsider, thinking between the lines, infatuating my mind with my occupied time.

Time to unwind, I’m sorry but excuse me it’s time for me to meditate on this internal beauty.

My wounds don’t bleed, they’ve only bruised mentally, I’m hard to feel but my intentions are real,

I’ve got visions, visions, and visions.

Visions of success, I’m thinking of the best and many have come along to put me to test but I’m take a rest and regulate my steeps” –Christa Cobb

Knowing when you have to get back to work.

I didn’t exactly realize how many friends i had on campus until i started to sit down and study some important material last week. It’s a funny story actually, I’m reading over some chapters for psychology and a group of guys that i know come over literally in a group , and start saying “hey christa? What’s up? What you doing?” I start to get a little bit chatty but i try and turn my attention back on papers. Than i hear one of my friends say, “Hey, you know Christa can rap and she sings to! It was on her fb” they all start smiling and insisting that i rap for them. I couldn’t stop laughing cause it’s like everyone almost lost track of the fact that we were in A Library on our campus, a place that you probably shouldn’t start rapping or singing at, instead i knew i needed to be doing h.w, I love chatting with all my friends on campus but i had to check myself. In other words, i had to discipline myself on knowing when i needed to cut it short and get back to work. Sometimes it’s hard, especially when school is getting tense sometimes you want to just let completely lose but you have to stay focused at the same time. This was one of the highlights of my last week, funny and a life lesson all in one.


Any woman who is reading this, Take a moment please to listen to this song than read on :)


So i have recently been taking a women’s studies class but before i took women’s studies class i had begun to research women’s history and their significance. I came across some very interesting information. I found that in Ancient African Civilizations, the WOMEN RULED THE WORLD practically, they ruled the society. In the ancient world there was always a deep rooted respect for the woman and the earliest ideas about a SUPREAME BEING actually was RESPESENTED as a WOMAN :) . The culture had Respect for a women’s BODY, Respect for her MIND, and most of all Respect for her PERSPECTIVE. In the article African women in African civilizations it states that “In traditional Africa, women had recognized and vital roles in the economic development of their communities Among the Kikuyu of Kenya, women were the major food producers and thus not only had ready access to land but also had AUTHROITY of how the land was to be used and cultivated”  “Therefore, the value of women’s productive labor in producing and processing food established and maintained their rights in the domestic and other spheres. Nowadays, although women still are major food producers either directly or through employment, they do not receive the recognition and respect that they used to. Colonialism profoundly negatively affected the role and status of women in African society” I have found this article so interesting, i have attached a link to the online article if you want to know further what women did in ancient cultures, you will be surprised to know that they not only had authority in food and land, they had authority in POLITICS, and RELIGION. Interestingly enough, these very aspects of our world shape our reality and perception. The land, the religion, the politics, who rules and controls information shapes humans perspective.



My Favorite class!

The moment I think I have begun to dig deeper.

 The moment I think I have begun to think and know more than I ever could know.

 There is always something more to know to life’s show.

 Somewhere new to go, life has so many turns, filled with essence, I feel caressed and tested every day I embark on a new lesson”

Sociology 114, racial and cultural minorities has been the best class thus far. The class really stimulates my mind and gets my thoughts rolling. It give me a break from my other more intense classes, well in my opinion anyway, this is an intense class, but it’s my kind of intense I can handle all the time because it’s simply about real life events and situations.  This class has opened up my eyes more to what race really means. It has helped me to look deeper than the surface of what our society has created. It has made me question reality. I love questions and i love theories, makes me interested in a philosophy course next semester, maybe ;) Well for one, the class is entertaining just because of the professor i have. She always has something quirky to say, ranging from her adventurous stories about being a white women experiencing the hood of baltimore, or her bringing  in colored markers to class for “show and tell”, to say the least, I’m always entertained so far. If anybody else is thinking of taking a sociology class in the future, I suggest Amy Pucino!

Also I love music and i have been in a old school mood lately , so just becuase, i am going to leave you with a song! ;)