If you’re a student reading this, congratulations! You survived this semester’s midterms! I’m so proud of everyone for toughing out the first half semester, and hopefully we all keep kicking butt into December! Hopefully your professors gave you a little bit of a break after knocking out those exams to give you a chance to recover. CCBC rolled out some pretty sweet events this week, some in honor of midterm completion and relief, and some for other various reasons, but I want to take this time to put a spotlight on a couple awesome events and meetings.



Dogs On Wheels      Dogs On Wheels


On Tuesday, October 23rd, on the Catonsville campus in the barn lounge, a midterm stress relief event was held. There was a smorgasbord of food (chicken, hot apple cider, fruit trays, pumpkin pie and more), interesting activities, like building your own little bamboo plant, sticking your hand into wax and freezing it to create a wax sculpture, and.. of course.. DOGS, DOGS, and DOGS! Pets on Wheels was invited to bring their sweet as pie pooches to come receive hours of petting from stressed out college kids – AKA – us!

This event was a blast! I’d never seen the barn lounge so crowded before, and those cute pooches (there were more than 2) got so much loving! It was great to see everyone enjoying themselves and kicking it back for a bit in the midst of all the chaos that is college. Even a cat person, such as myself, took pleasure in eating apple pie, creating cute houseplants, making wax sculptures, and cuddling fluffy good boys.



On Tuesday, October 23rd (also), both on the Catonsville and Essex campus via Skype, the Women in STEM Organization had their second meeting of the semester. Our guest speaker for the meeting was Sonya Luthe, who is a network engineer at Under Armour. Interestingly enough, she was once a professor here at CCBC and at Stevenson University teaching Linux and security networking courses. Ms. Luthe got her Bachelors in Business Administration from Winchester University, and her Masters in Information and Telecommunication Systems at Johns Hopkins University.

She says as a woman, we’re not going to be in the majority, and as a network engineer, she is often the only woman in the room. Ms. Luthe also stressed the importance of experience and internships. Book smarts are can only get you so far if you don’t have experience to back it up. She believes in starting at the bottom and working your way up. In fact, Ms. Luthe applied to Under Armour 3 times before she started working there!

Why aren’t there many women working in STEM fields? Ms. Luthe told us “There may be a physical difference between men and women, but there is no mental difference. The reason why you don’t see many women in these fields is simply because few women pursue it, so there’s such a small pool of qualified female candidates out in the workforce.”




On Friday, October 26th, I attended a Narcan administration training at the Dundalk campus. Baltimore has been dubbed as the “heroin capital of the United States”, and if you’ve grown up in our city, you know that there’s so much to love about Baltimore, but not its substance abuse issues. It’s a very real epidemic here, not just in the city, but in the county, in the state, and honestly all over the country. The odds of me coming across a person who has overdosed isn’t high, but if I ever did, what could I do? What would you do? Before today’s training, the answer would’ve been freak out and call emergency services, but now I have the knowledge and the power to save their life (and then, call emergency services).

This training was brought to us by Baltimore’s Health Department and it taught us what opiates are, how to recognize an overdose, how to administer Narcan, and what to do after administration. After the training finished, we all received certificates and a couple doses of the life saving drug to keep on hand.



This event actually hasn’t taken place yet! On Monday, October 29th, Phi Theta Kappa will be wheeling a mobile bake sale cart around the Essex campus. Options will include cake pops, cookies, brownies, gluten free options, and so much more! Half of the proceeds will go to fundraising efforts for Phi Theta Kappa, to help our organization hold its semi-annual induction ceremonies and send students to conventions, and the other half of the proceeds will be donated to NAMI – National Alliance on Mental Illness. We will also be hosting other events in collaboration with NAMI for mental health awareness, but I’ll save that for my next blog. If you’re on the Essex campus on Monday, please look out for our cart and treat yourself to a good pastry!